MFI-Miami Commands Results

MFI-Miami Commands Results With Its Unparalleled Success 

MFI-Miami Commands ResultsMFI-Miami commands results like no other mortgage fraud or loan auditing company in the U.S. Our staff all come from the lending and banking industries. In addition, MFI-Miami also has access to an army of forensic accountants, former FBI agents, and secret service agents, lawyers.

We also have access to mortgage compliance experts and collateralized debt experts. As a result, this gives MFI-Miami unparalleled strength to challenge any financial institution in a public debate or courtroom across the U.S.

MFI-Miami commands results because our staff members have given depositions and testified in foreclosure cases in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. One of our team members has received special recognition from members of the United States Congress.


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