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New York Foreclosure Blog is a service of MFI-Miami. MFI-Miami is an internationally recognized leader in foreclosure defense with associates in New York.

New York Foreclosure Defense

MFI-Miami is proud of the international reputation it has earned for its aggressive and unorthodox strategies like Game Theory in foreclosure defense cases. As a result, this reputation puts MFI-Miami clients into a unique position of strength when dealing with their lender.

MFI-Miami Fights For People

MFI-Miami offers investigative services and litigation support to attorneys representing homeowners in foreclosure defense cases. Hence, our goal is to assist our clients in throwing off the shackles of indentured servitude to their creditors.

MFI-Miami goes into every foreclosure defense case expecting to win. While bank lawyers will probably call this arrogance, MFI-Miami considers this confidence. MFI-Miami approaches each case with confidence because we can and because we do our homework and because we win.

MFI-Miami’s Unparalleled Expertise

MFI-Miami has access to an army of accountants, former FBI agents, lawyers, mortgage compliance experts, and collateralized debt experts. As a result, this puts our clients in a position to challenge any financial institution in any state or federal courtroom across the U.S.

MFI-Miami staff members have given depositions and testified in foreclosure cases in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey New York and Pennsylvania. Members of our team have been recognized by the Comptroller of the Currency, the U.S. Department of Justice and have received special recognition from members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

MFI-Miami also only works with the best and brightest trial litigators in the nation. As a result, we have the success rate that is in unmatched by our competitors.

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